Styling Your Human Hair Wig

Your wig is time to shape! Do not worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems, you just need to handle your wigs carefully. The hairstyle technique varies, depending on whether your wig is made of human or synthetic hair. Today I will discuss the style of human hair wigs.

Straight hair wig shape
The style of a human hair wig is like your own hair. You can use a thermal roller, roll up the curling iron or even straighten it with an iron. I recommend using wigs for human hair wigs, although normal products seem to work. Stay safe and certainly a good thing. I recommend that you issue the person with a wig or wig, and then design a style, as if you were combing a client’s hair in a room. Be careful not to use too much heat. Do not you want to burn the hair of your clients?

I used a wig brush on my straight hair because I did not want to damage my hair in any way. For straight wigs, use a wire brush to loosen the wig before combing it. Take a small portion of your hair with the tips of your fingers and gently sprinkle the entire portion before heating it. Use an iron to stretch your hair from the top of your head to the tips. Remember, do not be too hot! After tidying the wig, allow it to cool before brushing or combing. After the wig cools, you can spray the wig with shine. Some people like to spray it after combing the wig, but before I liked it. Makes the wig easier to handle and luxurious when combing or brushing your teeth. If you are combing a wig, use a wide-tooth comb. It works better and does not pull the wig. I do not recommend using a hand spray because it can make your hair hard or sticky. At the end of the day, the fake is emitted in the wig. You can brush it, comb it or shake it, then leave it at night.

Human curly wig
If you want to create a curly hair wig for a person, you can use a hot roller or a curling iron. Some curly wigs keep their style, you do not have to use any kind of heat. Just use the tips of your fingers to lift your curly hair, spritz it with a little oil, shake the wig and go. I do not recommend that you choose your curly hair completely, which can cause your wig to wrinkle and lose the curl. If you want to be wet, the mousse works very well. Carry a small spray bottle filled with water to keep your curls fresh throughout the day. Spray your hair in a private area, such as a bathroom or in a car. I do not think it’s rude to let others do this. I do not recommend using a spray on a curly wig, but it’s up to you. I think the curls should look natural and the flow will not be rigid or false. If you are using a heating roller or a curling iron, use a medium to low setting and always use a combing lotion before heating. Keep your curls and prevent your wigs from getting hurt.