5 Steps to easily fight the natural curls of the donkey

Step 1: Use a wide-handled comb to comb the hairline into the knot.

Step 2: Take a disposable hair care lotion the size of a 1 dollar coin, which is applied from the root of the hair to increase the weight of the hair. The natural rolls should be selected for the hair care products designed for this type of hair and applied to the hair until the end of the hair.

Step 3: Most natural rolls begin to show curls from the roots. With a comb of cylindrical bristles and a straight mouth blower, start with the roots of the hair, use a comb to apply a little force to straighten the hair and dry it with a hair dryer.

Step 4: Wrap the tip of the hair with the same force and use a comb to straighten the tail with a comb to remove the bristles that are easy to see.

Step 5: Take an adequate amount of essential oil in the palm of your hand and apply it evenly on the tip of the hair. Do not blow it after pressing it properly.