5 Steps to easily fight the natural curls of the donkey

Step 1: Use a wide-handled comb to comb the hairline into the knot.

Step 2: Take a disposable hair care lotion the size of a 1 dollar coin, which is applied from the root of the hair to increase the weight of the hair. The natural rolls should be selected for the hair care products designed for this type of hair and applied to the hair until the end of the hair.

Step 3: Most natural rolls begin to show curls from the roots. With a comb of cylindrical bristles and a straight mouth blower, start with the roots of the hair, use a comb to apply a little force to straighten the hair and dry it with a hair dryer.

Step 4: Wrap the tip of the hair with the same force and use a comb to straighten the tail with a comb to remove the bristles that are easy to see.

Step 5: Take an adequate amount of essential oil in the palm of your hand and apply it evenly on the tip of the hair. Do not blow it after pressing it properly.

Proper use of conditioner requires attention to three aspects

1. The use time of the conditioner should be appropriate:
With regard to the use of conditioners, many people think that the longer the conditioner stays, the better the hydration of the hair. In fact, it is wrong to think so. Experts tell us that the hair conditioner can only replenish the hair in a certain period of time. Once it exceeds the effective time, it can not nourish the hair and is easy to knot, resulting in dryness and split ends. The conditioner neutralizes the alkalinity of the shampoo, keeps the hair in a weak acid state, fills it, leaves hair soft and smooth and maintains a healthy shine.

2. The correct application method of the conditioner:
When using the conditioner, first use a towel to absorb the water from the hair after dry cleaning. When there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner can not be effectively absorbed. First comb the hair with a comb, apply the conditioner evenly on the hair, focus on the tail of the hair, do not apply the root of the hair; otherwise, it will strengthen the secretion of scalp oil, which will make the hair look very oil fast, then gently massage the hair for 1 minute, then rinse with warm water. It is best to leave the conditioner on the hair for 5 minutes after the massage, which will allow the hair to completely absorb the nutrients from the conditioner. This is also a good trick.

3. Change the conditioner brand frequently:
Like we have to change the shampoo frequently. A brand of conditioner is mostly close and unique in its composition and formula. Therefore, it is better to use a conditioner to change the brand, or a different series, it should be used for approximately 3 months and other brands or other hair conditioners should be replaced.

What something have to pay attention when you buying a wig

First, the net material of the wig.

Choose the wig you wear frequently. Pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the network material. Try it to see if it feels uncomfortable. Then, pull the elastic band inside the wig to feel the tension. Pay attention not to loosen or tighten it. The best

Second, the hair of the wig.

If you want to know the quality of hair, use a cigarette lighter to burn some hairs, if it has an unpleasant odor, then it is lower, and you can also use the air outlet of the highest hair dryer to press the wig for about 5 seconds. If there is a real person, there will be no anomalies. If it is another material, it will emit an unpleasant odor.

Third, choose the wig that suits you best.

When choosing a wig hair color, try to choose the right hair color for your skin color. The MM skin color can choose light brown or yellow brown, the black color MM choose black or brown yellow, the yellow skin color MM choose brown and dark brown. If you need to touch the light when wearing a wig, choose wine red, yellow, red orange, red purple, etc.

Fourth, maintenance wig precautions.

The wig of each material has taboos. The chemical fiber can not be washed with hot water, can not be blown with the air tube and can not be exposed to the sun, the real hair can be molded slightly with a hair dryer and can be placed in the hair net . Keep the hair spongy in the hair, while chemical fiber and mixed hair can not use the powerful detergent as the detergent to replace the shampoo to clean the wig.